Hagerty Stemware Saver

Hagerty Stemware Saver
    Hagerty Stemware Saver
    Product Code: 1CHSS
    • Safely stores 12 crystal glasses in individual sections
    • Includes dividers with protective plastic edges
    • Made from soft, quilted cotton
    • Extra deep design and can be safely stacked
    • Made By Hagerty & Sons

    Product Description:
    Keep your delicate stemware safe from scratches and cracks by placing them in this wonderful Blue Stemware Saver by Hagerty. Made from soft, quilted cotton, this durable protector box offers padding to cushion your expensive barware. The top loading design makes for easy placement and quick access. The lid seals shut using a nylon zipper, keeping dust and moisture out. Dividers inside let you organize your stemware collection and prevent friction between glasses. The case features an extra deep design and can be safely stacked to save storage space. You can place a set of 12 glasses or stemware pieces in this chest for convenient storage on a cupboard shelf or in your china cabinet. So your stemware is protected and your cabinets are left looking neat and tidy. (12" x 15 1/2" x 10")

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