• Complete Silver Care Kit by Hagerty

    Complete Silver Care Kit by Hagerty
      Complete Silver Care Kit by Hagerty
      Product Code: 17CSCK
      • Complete Hagerty silver cleaning and care kit
      • Includes: Hagerty Silversmith's Polish, Silver Foam, Horsehair Brush and Polishing Cloth
      • Hagerty - a shining tradition since 1895

      Product Description:
      Everything you need to keep all of your silver "showroom bright". Includes 8-oz Hagerty Slversmiths' Polish, 7 oz. Hagerty Silver Foam, Hagerty Horsehair Brush and Hagerty's tarnish preventing Silver Polishing Cloth.

      Hagerty's Silver Polish is made from an exceptional European formula with a light, fresh scent. Superb cleaning ability produces magnificent results, enhancing the brilliance of even your most intricately patterned fine silver. Designed to satisfy the most discriminating connoisseur of silver.

      The soft, gentle bristle of Hagerty's Horsehair Brush quickly removes polish and excess oxidation from intricate patterns of fine silver. Saves hours of tedious work and is absolutely safe to use. The Hagerty Horsehair Detail Brush is recommended by leading silversmiths for quick, gentle cleaning and polishing of intricately patterned fine heirloom silver.

      Hagerty Silver Foam is the fast, simple, "wash and rinse" way to care for flatware and serving pieces that are used regularly. Quickly removes stubborn tarnish and residue, yet is completely safe for all fine silver and gold because it does not include any harsh abrasives.Removing tarnish from your silver is as easy as washing and rinsing.

      Hagety Silver Polishing Cloth was developed to easily remove light tarnish from silver. A convenient method for dusting your display pieces regularly. Contains R-22, the world’s longest lasting, patented tarnish preventive agent. This dusting cloth takes the work out of removing light tarnish from display pieces and last minute touch ups.

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